Agenda Outline

Day 1 – Friday, December 11th (Mandatory*):

    • Keynote with Tim Hodges, LMT, JSCCI, CACI and Brian Tuckey, PT, OCS, JSCCI
    • FCS Segmental Motion Testing
    • FCS Scar Tissue Techniques 

Day 2 – Saturday, December 12th:

    • FCS MS2 End Plate Updates

Day 3 – Sunday, December 13th:

    • FCS Visceral Mesentery Updates

Day 4 – Monday, December 14th:

    • FCS Lymphatic/Venous Spinal Veins Updates

Day 5 – Tuesday, December 15th:

    • FCS Arterial Updates Spinal Cord Blood Supply Updates

*Note: In order to receive credit for your FCS course updates, you must attend Day 1 of the Counterstrain Convention 2020. 

Daily Schedule

*Note: Some attendees will be asking patients to be available to practice lab techniques. The rows in gray represent the approximate windows of time we suggest asking your patients to be available.