Maria Eitel, Seattle , WA

I truly feel like this body of work is nothing short of miraculous. Instead of quickly turning to surgery and pills or falling into despair when your condition seems hopeless, there is a gentle, real way to actually go to the source of your pain and release it.

Tim Hodges of Portland, Oregon and his mentor/business partner, and the originator of Fascial Counterstrain, Brian Tuckey of Frederick, Maryland have developed a revolutionary way to unleash health in the human body by simply releasing hundreds of protective spasms.

You know intuitively that there is a part of pain that is protective in nature, especially when you feel the tension in your neck or shoulder or leg muscles develop in response to stress or injury. However, realizing that every organ, nerve, artery, vein and lymphatic vessel in your body can actively spam, produce pain and therefore need a therapeutic release is a whole other level of understanding. Astonishingly, they have mapped the entire body and can do this with gentle non-painful, manual releases.

I went to Tim with chronic neck and hip pain and after treatment was shocked that it wasn’t just better, but gone! I have known Tim now for two and a half years, and he and Andrea Mohrle have case after case of what I like to call the unleashing of health – from resolving chronic back pain, eliminating sciatica, easing headaches, clearing brain fog and even calming seizures including concussive injuries of the brain.

In one particular case, I witnessed a man come into the office in a wheelchair and left in a walker. The next day he came in with a cane and then walked on his own after treatment. It isn’t spiritual or crazy, it is scientific, medical and completely understandable and concrete. I am convinced that because of Tim, I have avoided many serious conditions due to the significant stresses of my life. We are very lucky to have him in Portland. I’d fly across the world to be treated by him!