Meg Dinse, West Hills, California

A little over 18 years ago, I was in a horrific car accident. I’ll never forget the EMTs telling me how lucky I was to walk away with only “minor” injuries. One knee surgery and a few months of traditional PT and I was deemed good as new.

I had always been extremely active both a dancer and a runner. I was young and in great shape prior to the accident. In the years that followed, I returned to dancing and running. I looked fine from the outside, but never really felt the same. I always had this weird feeling of being stuck forward, deep inside. It would vary in intensity but was ALWAYS there. I was always asking people to “crack” my back, for massage – for something to address the feeling of being crunched in my chest/mid-back and nothing ever quite got to it.

My mid-back pain flared with my first pregnancy but thankfully returned to it’s “weird stuck feeling” after my daughter’s birth. Three years later I was blessed with a second pregnancy but this time was different. My mid-back/chest pain flared, and my legs swelled. SWELLED!!! I had run through my entire first pregnancy and this time could barely walk down the hall without being short of breath. I was no bigger but something was very different. After my son’s birth the mid-back/chest pain calmed a little bit but the swelling in my legs never really went away. Running was an extreme effort for me, and no matter how much I tried – little runs felt like marathons. My calves would cramp up halfway down the block from my home. Despite my son’s birth 18 months prior to being treated, I still had a very hard time recognizing my legs as my own. The swelling in my calves made it hard for me to wear my normal pants.
I had begun to write this all off as aging, and the price you pay for being a mother of two. Then one month ago, I had the opportunity for Tim Hodges to treat me using fascial counterstrain. While I began rattling off my symptoms, he began doing his scan. Within a minute or two he was treating the fascia around my heart, and the ligaments of my spine. After an hour I went on my way feeling loose and tall and being able to stand upright for the first time in 18 years. The next morning my legs looked like my own! The swelling was dramatically reduced and continued to go down over the next few days.

The following week I decided to test Tim and see how long his results would hold. I did intervals sprints full speed on the treadmill, and actually wore myself out for the first time since my son was born. No mid-back pain, no swelling. I pushed two kids in the running stroller up big hills. No return of symptoms, not even in my back. I wore heels to work and brought flats just in case my calves cramped. No return of my symptoms. My calves fit in my pants again.

It’s been a month since Tim treated me once. I have tested his fascial counterstrain treatment in so many ways and it has continued to hold after only one treatment. I wanted to write this testimonial because I have had every type of treatment – from acupuncture to chiropractic and traditional PT. One treatment did more than 18 years of all the other types combined! Thanks Tim!