Announcing Counterstrain Convention 2020!

Counterstrain Convention 2020 is a virtual live event featuring instruction from Brian Tuckey, PT, OCS, JSCCI and Tim Hodges, LMT, JSCCI, CACI. Lectures and demonstrations will be broadcast directly to your location. Interactive practice sessions will take place in virtual breakout rooms hosted by a CSA Instructor or TA. A video library with full course coverage will be available after the event.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity
to advance your FCS skills and satisfy multiple prerequisites
by attending one event!”

This is a unique opportunity to bring your FCS skills up to speed with one series of courses you can complete from home. Learn game changers like Segmental Motion Testing, new approach to Scar Tissue and complete the prerequisites required for the new Central Sensitization Series.

Counterstrain Convention 2020 Virtual Line Up:

Motion Testing: NEW for FCS, rapid full-body motion assessment.
FCS for Scar Tissue: BRAND NEW approach for scar tissue assessment and treatment.
FCS Visceral: UPDATED segmental approach for the Mesentery, covering the entire spine.
FCS Lymphatic/Venous: NEW and COMPLETED techniques for the entire spinal cord.
FCS Arterial: NEW and COMPLETED techniques for the entire spinal cord blood supply.
FCS MS2: NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT techniques for upper & lower extremities focusing on end-plate dysfunction.

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