Gentle, powerful and long-lasting relief, Fascial Counterstrain changes lives, not just symptoms.

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Counterstrain As Featured in Life Force by Anthony Robbins

In this latest offering from NYTimes best-selling author Tony Robbins, readers are introduced to the methods, treatments and procedures, that have helped keep Tony and some of the best athletes around the world to stay healthy, strong, and at their peak. In chapter 11, which outlines new and groundbreaking advances in the treatment of pain, Tony…

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The Little-Known Physical Therapy Method That Can Stop Injuries In Their Tracks, Fix Fascia & Amplify Your Recovery & Performance: Counterstrain With Tim Hodges. You can find the podcast here:

Interview Series with Fascial Counterstrain Innovator Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI

Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) is an innovative system of soft tissue manipulation developed by board certified orthopedic specialist, Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI. Listen to the first in a series of interviews with the creator of Fascial Counterstrain. Episode 1 introduces Brian’s academic background which led to the eventual development of Fascial Counterstrain.     Episode…

About Fascial Counterstrain

Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) is an innovative system of soft tissue manipulation developed by board certified orthopedic specialist, Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI.

Every organ, nerve, artery, muscle, ligament, tendon, vein and lymphatic vessel in the human body can actively spasm and produce pain in a natural, protective response to injury.

Once this reflex spasm is triggered it can persist, spread & form hundreds of tender points. FCS works to release the tissue in spasm and the corresponding tender point by gently unloading the injured structure.

FCS is a therapeutic, hands-on method, designed to release spasm in all tissues of the human body.


  • Over the last 39 Years I’ve had the privilege of working with more than 50 million people in over 100 countries. The demands I have put on my body for those decades are a bit crazy. As a result I suffered debilitating physical pain for years. I tried virtually every form of body work before…

    Anthony “Tony” Robbins , #1 New York Times Best selling author, life and business strategist, Philanthropist – Namale, Fiji

  • My goal has always been to produce as many expert Counterstrainers as possible.  This can certainly occur through the Jones Institute three-day seminar format, however, many therapists need or simply desire a smaller student to teacher ratio to accomplish this goal. If you’ve ever wished you had a mentor, or even colleagues to help you…

    Brian Tuckey, PT, OCS, JSCCI – Frederick, MD – Inventor of Fascial Counterstrain

  • Hello! My name is Diego Valeri, I’m a professional soccer player (with the Portland Timbers). I wanted to talk to you about a therapeutic technique called (Fascial) Counterstrain that I have received from Timothy Hodges at Counterstrain Portland. It’s a technique that I have experienced in which I have noticed great changes! Especially in my back, in areas…

    Diego Valeri, Portland Timbers, Portland, OR