Degenerative Disc Disease

Jessica Farrell, PT, DPT Counterstrain Portland
Portland, Oregon


The discs in your back between each of your vertebral bones provide cushioning and movement in your spine. The combination of aging and mechanical loads wears on the discs causing degeneration over time. When this degeneration causes pain then it is referred to as degenerative disc disease (DDD). It is important to know that the quantity and quality of degenerative changes in your spine does not necessarily determine the amount of pain you will feel. Many people have severe degenerative changes in their spine with little to no pain. However, degenerative disc disc disease can be very painful and very limiting. Conventional treatments for degenerative disc disease include anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroids, pain medications, physical therapy and surgery. Fascial Counterstrain provides a gentle and effective alternative or complimentary treatment option.

Fascial Counterstrain Treatment

With DDD many things can contribute to how much pain you feel and how much your function is limited. This can include having healthy and flexible vs. rigid and restricted tendons around the spine, tension in the dural system which surrounds your brain and spinal cord, good blood flow in and out of the spinal cord or restrictions in the tissues of the digestive system that tug on the spine. Fascial Counterstrain cannot reverse the degenerative changes of DDD but it can correct many of these other problems so that the DDD causes a lot less or even no pain at all. Fascial Counterstrain works with restrictions of the fascia (deep connective tissues) that are located in the tissue of all the systems of our body. This includes arteries, veins, nerves, viscera (digestive system, lungs and heart), ligaments, muscles and bones. By correcting the restrictions in the fascia of the dura, tendons, bones, venous system, arterial system and even the viscera Fascial Counterstrain improves the mobility in all the tissues surrounding your spine. This reduces the strain on the spine, decreases your pain and gets you back to the activities you enjoy.