Counterstrain Relieves Pain at CrossFit Fort Vancouver 2019 Championship

Counterstrain at CrossFit Championship

With the help of top Fascial Counterstrain practitioner and Athlete Services Lead Organizer, Ike Anunciado, MSPT, JSCC, a team of highly-qualified Counterstrain practitioners successfully treated athletes at the 2019 Fort Vancouver CrossFit Championship.

The CrossFit Fort Vancouver Championship is an annual competition drawing elite athletes from not only the Pacific Northwest but across North America including Maine, Texas and Canada. The competition included four divisions: Elite Pairs, RX Pairs, Masters, and a new division, Teens.

A team of 12 Fascial Counterstrain practitioners joined the CrossFit Athlete Treatment Team for the 2019 CrossFit Fort Vancouver Championship on January 11, 12, and 13, 2019 at The Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, Washington. As part of a larger multidisciplinary team of over 40 health care practitioners, the Counterstrain team provided outstanding hands-on care to competing athletes and the event coordinators to hasten recovery time between events, and provide immediate relief of pain.

“I saw that it was time to gather the best “Counterstrainers” in the area to showcase how Counterstrain is an amazing tool to allow us to rapidly & accurately assess dysfunction, and demonstrate how, this gentle, powerful and long-lasting technique changes lives, not just symptoms.”

Ike Anunciado, MSPT, JSCC

Training and participating in a CrossFit championship is a considerable challenge. The athletes were blown away by the amazing support:

“Your Recovery Services area was second to none. All the folks in that area were AMAZING and receptive to helping us. I went in and used services multiple times and so grateful I didn’t have to pay. What a nice thoughtful provision for us athletes!”

CrossFit Championship Athlete

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