Interview Series with Fascial Counterstrain Innovator Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI

Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) is an innovative system of soft tissue manipulation developed by board certified orthopedic specialist, Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI. Listen to the first in a series of interviews with the creator of Fascial Counterstrain.

Episode 1 introduces Brian’s academic background which led to the eventual development of Fascial Counterstrain.



Episode 2 dives deeper into Brian’s process of discovering the role of fascia in the body and the development of new treatments.



 In Episode 3, Brian and Tim discuss mechanotransduction and the evolution of Fascial Counterstrain.



 Episode 4 highlights the discovery of the Cranial Scan, how it speeds diagnosis and aids with continued Fascial Counterstrain development.



Episode 5 outlines the Fascial Counterstrain training process with system-associated conditions and case examples. 


Episode 6 covers specific conditions, clinical applications, case studies and additional tools such as 3D Counterstrain.