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Introductory Courses Neural Upper Quadrant, Arterial, Visceral, Lymphatic/Venous, Neural Lower Quadrant, Musculoskeletal I, Intro, Musculoskeletal II, Musculoskeletal III, Central Sensitization I, Epidural Ligament Supplemental, Central Sensitization II, Counterstrain Mastery Programs Mod 3 Lymphatic/Venous, CSC 2019 VC, CS Convention 2019, Mod 1 Intro, CS Convention 2020, CS Convention 2021,

Andrea Koskamp, PT, DPT

Andrea Koskamp graduated from Pacific University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2008. She sees general orthopedic issues, vestibular disorders and dizziness, headaches and much more. Counterstrain is a very gentle yet powerful manual technique and she feels that counterstrain gives the ability to treat more specifically and holistically.