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Carol Montgomery, PT, MSPT, GCFP

Carol A. Montgomery is founder and owner of Montgomery Somatics, private physical therapy, and somatic education center. In addition to a master’s degree in Physical Therapy, she is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. As an adjunct professor in Physical Therapy for several years, she taught classes such as Gross Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Introduction to Manual Therapy. A natural attraction to the principles of Manual Medicine, Montgomery found herself at home within the curriculums at the College of Osteopathic Medicine, focusing her post-graduate studies at Michigan State University and later at the Jones Institute. Dedicated to initiating paradigm shifts in the fields of healthcare, wellness, and movement, she attends the Counterstrain Academy in order to master the profound life-changing Fascial Counterstain techniques. Montgomery has over 20 years of teaching experience with the public, professional healthcare providers and physical therapy students and over 30 years of clinical experience in integrative healing.