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Annandale Virginia 22003
CS Instructor Status N/A

Introductory Courses Intro, Lymphatic/Venous, Musculoskeletal I, Neural Upper Quadrant, Visceral, Musculoskeletal II, Arterial, Neural Lower Quadrant, Central Sensitization I, Musculoskeletal III Counterstrain Mastery Programs Mod 1 Intro, CS Convention 2020, Mod 2 Visceral, CS Convention 2019, CS Convention 2021

Charles Ottavio , PT

Chuck is committed to helping patients achieve their maximum potential – a mission he began 40 years ago. He knows that no two patients are alike and has mastered a broad range of techniques to ensure he can restore your physical function. He has the expertise to bring relief and restore mobility to kids, adults and those enjoying their golden years. He takes pride in his work and has a natural ability to make patients feel at ease, which helps them recover faster. Chuck’s whole body approach incorporates a variety of manual techniques, modalities, progressive exercises, and education. His current mastery level studies with the Jones Institute and the Counterstrain Academy are evidence of his advanced knowledge.