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Introductory Courses Musculoskeletal II, Lymphatic/Venous, Neural Upper Quadrant, Visceral, Musculoskeletal I, Neural Lower Quadrant, Arterial, Musculoskeletal III, Intro, Central Sensitization I, Epidural Ligament Supplemental Counterstrain Mastery Programs CS Convention 2020, CS Convention 2019, CS Convention 2021

John Hecimovich , PT

TDB Certificate Degree Physical Therapy Marquette University 1973 Jones Strain Counterstrain Spine, Extremities, Pelvic Floor and Cranial Facial Counterstrain Introduction Visceral Lymphatic Nervous System !, 2 Arterial Musculoskeletal System 1,2,3 Central Sensitization Lymphatic Drainage 1,2,3 Craniosacral Therapy 1,2 Somato Emotional Release 1,2 Muscle Energy Visceral Manipulation 1 A,B, 2 Practical Intergration and Advanced Visceral Manipulation Kinesio Taping Instructor Esoteric Healing 1,2,3,4 Certified in Electrocrystal Therapy