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Morbier 39400
CS Instructor Status In Training

Introductory Courses Musculoskeletal II, Lymphatic/Venous, Neural Lower Quadrant, Musculoskeletal I, Arterial, Visceral, Neural Upper Quadrant, Musculoskeletal III, Intro, Central Sensitization I, Epidural Ligament Supplemental, Central Sensitization II Counterstrain Mastery Programs CS Convention 2020, CS Convention 2019, CS Convention 2021

Jonathan Wosinski, PT, JSCC

I started as PT since 2010, then jumped into the Counterstrain in 2011 and became certified in 2015. From back then, I went through all the courses again and again. It's been 4 years now that I'm an exclusive Fascial Counterstrain Practitioner in the east of the France, very close from Geneva (Switzerland). I wish to expand Fascial Counterstrain in France. In order to do so, I became an FCS instructor for France in 2018. We started with 1 course per year, now we teach 10 per year. Amazing growing, with a lot of dedicated practicioners. That's heartwarming. This work changed my whole life for the best and I'm happy to bring it to everyone!