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Katrina Blake, PTA

Counterstrain (CS) has touched my life from multiple angles, personally and professionally. My first introduction to CS was during a clinical rotation. I was instantly "WOWED" by its powerful simplicity. A client arrived hunched over with shallow breath and barely walking. After one treatment using CS, she hopped off the table like a brand new person, pain free and with full lunges! Her remarkable results inspired my curiosity and enthusiasm to learn more. I remember saying to myself, "I have to learn this"! I have been practicing CS since graduating from Green River College (Auburn, WA) in 2016. I love the inner workings of human anatomy and the puzzle it presents. The more I learn about CS, the more I am driven to unlock the body's connections and round out the rough edges. I sincerely care about all my clients. Sharing this information with them supports my goal to empower their own understanding of the body, and reach their fullest potential. No one should have to live with pain. I am excited to share my passion and motivation of CS and would be honored to be a part of your healing journey! -Katrina