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Introductory Courses Intro, Visceral, Lymphatic/Venous, Musculoskeletal I, Musculoskeletal III Counterstrain Mastery Programs Module 1 Intro
CS Convention 2018
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Katrina Blake, PTA

I was first introduced to Counterstrain (CS) during a clinical rotation in Kent, WA. I was instantly WOW-ed! I was amazed by how simple yet powerful it is. After seeing the incredible results experienced by a client I said to myself "I have to learn this"! The patient arrived hunched over, and she had difficulty breathing and moving everything. After treatment she hopped off the table like a brand new person without pain and full lungs! I have been practicing CS since graduating in 2016 from Green River College (Auburn, WA). I love the inner workings of human anatomy and the puzzle it presents. With each piece gained my drive grows to unlock the body and round out the rough edges. I sincerely care about all my patients and my goal is to empower people to reach their fullest potential. CS has touched my life from multiple angles, personally and professionally. I became a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) to support my community and improve the quality of life of all its members. After finding CS, I am confident it will continue to be instrumental in helping me accomplish this. I continue my never ending, always growing, passionate journey of quenching my CS thirst by attending as many continuing-education courses as possible. I would be honored to be part of your journey!