address 290 Thurman Ave
CrossvilleTennessee 38555
CS Instructor Status N/A

Introductory Courses Intro, Lymphatic/Venous, Arterial, Neural Upper Quadrant, Musculoskeletal I, Musculoskeletal II, Neural Lower Quadrant, Epidural Ligament Supplemental, Visceral Counterstrain Mastery Programs Mod 1 Intro, CSC 2019 Intro, CS Convention 2019, CS Convention 2021

Kris Bour, LMT/PTA

I have been an licensed massage therapist since 1997 and a PTA since 2016 with Assoicates in Appliied Science degrees for both. Much of my massage practice has served the Middle Tennessee Community over the past twenty years but my journey with manual therapy has led me to Cumberland County. Expanding my knowledge and application skills beyond basic massage applications has been a magical path that I continue to pursue with passion through an ongoing study of Fascial Counterstrain.