address 1125 Alabama Ave SE
BandonOregon 97411
CS Instructor Status N/A
Introductory Courses Intro, Visceral, Lymphatic/Venous, Arterial, Neural Upper Quadrant, Neural Lower Quadrant, Musculoskeletal I, Musculoskeletal II, Musculoskeletal III, Central Sensitization I Counterstrain Mastery Programs Intro, CSC 2019 VC, CS Convention 2019, CS Convention 2020

mary ann hawkins, LMT

Mary Ann has been a manual therapist for 20 years. Her passion for counterstrain started in 2013 and has included taking the Jones strain counterstrain coursework as well as Fascial Counterstrain classes. Augmenting her studies with the Fascial Counterstrain Academy mastery courses CSA Module 1 and the CSA Convention 2019 Module 2 she continues to expand her hands on work of the body's fascial system. She has a private practice in Bandon, Oregon as well as at the Bandon Dunes Resort. Her practice incorporates fascial counterstrain, massage, breath work (buteyko) and movement practices to support and improve performance.