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Who is the 3D Counterstrain app for?

Any Fascial Counterstrain practitioner or student of the technique that has taken Fascial Counterstrain Courses through the Jones Institute can sign-up for an account on to purchase and receive access equal to the level of their current training.

Where Can I find Fascial Counterstrain Training?

Currently all Fascial Counterstrain 3-day immersion courses are offered through the Jones Institute. Mastery Level Courses in Fascial Counterstrain are available through the Counterstrain Academy. 3-day courses are prerequisite material for both 3D Counterstrain access and admittance into the Mastery Program. In order to satisfy these prerequisites you must complete the 3-day course that is associated to the same level of access you are seeking on 3D Counterstrain. For example, if you are attending your first Fascial Counterstrain course this year and it happens to be a Fascial Intro Course, you would qualify for an equal level of access on 3D Counterstrain. You would not be able to purchase Arterial or Visceral or any other course until you have completed that level of training through the Jones Institute.

What Are The Minimum System Requirements

3D Counterstrain Web-Based and Mobile App Minimum System Requirements:

Desktop computers and laptops (web-based):

– OS: Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+, Ubuntu 12.04+
– RAM: 2 GB minimum
– Browser: Safari 11+/ Chrome 57+/ Firefox 52+

iOS systems (iPad and iPhone):

– iOS version: 11+
– RAM: 2 Gb

Here is a quick guide to check iOS settings.

Android Systems:
– Android 4.1+ (API level 16+)
– RAM: 2 Gb

Here is a quick guide to check Android settings

Do I Have To Install Anything?

After you you have registered using a web browser on a desktop or laptop, and purchased your first course, you may download the 3D App IF you plan to also use the 3D model on a mobile device.

  • If you plan to use the 3D model on an iPhone or iPad, you will have to download it from the App Store. Search for “3D Counterstrain” in the App Store after you have registered and purchased your first course.
  • If you plan to use the the 3D model on an Android device, you will have to download it from Google Play. Search for “3DCounterstrain” after you have registered and purchased your first course.

Otherwise, you can use the 3D model on your desktop or laptop. If you are using a Mac, make sure to use the Safari browser. On a Windows PC, use the Firefox browser.

Let's Get Started!

To access the information on the 3D site you must create an account and be approved by the system administrator. In order to qualify to purchase access to the model you must submit proof of your Jones Institute or Jones Institute Europe, course experience. Only Fascial courses are represented on the model.

a. If you have an account, simply login on the upper right of this screen, then click on the 3D Counterstrain tab and follow the instructions.

b. If not, click here to create an account. Once you create an account, please wait up to 48 hours for our team to review your practitioner’s license and approve your account. Once you are approved, login and click on the 3D Counterstrain tab and follow the instructions.

What does 3d Counterstrain cost?

3D Counterstrain launched in Spring of 2016 with an introductory offer of $150.00 USD per course and an annual (recurring) site maintenance fee of $99.00 USD. Currently all fees associated with accessing the model apply to individuals only and will provide access to one computer and one iOS device or one Android device at a time. To expand accessibility, we have lowered the price to $99 as of January 25, 2019. (Refunds for previously purchased courses are not available.)

The $99.00 USD fee is per course and is a one time fee associated with purchasing a license for that course. Updates to course material, should they occur, are included in this fee as long as your account remains current.

Multi-user environments and Clinic pricing has not yet been set. Please stay tuned for more information.

Mobile Apps

What!?! You made an iOS AND an Android version of the 3D Counterstrain application? Yes, yes we did. They are available for purchase as an add on item after you have purchased a standard or stand alone user license. All Fascial Counterstrain courses are available on the iOS and Android apps just like the full, computer based system.

What is Fascial Counterstrain therapy?

Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) is an innovative system of soft tissue manipulation that utilizes diagnostic tender points to identify reflexive muscle guarding (chronic protective response to injury) in the body. Reflexive muscle spasms can occur in skeletal muscle, smooth (visceral) muscle or in the body’s deep fascia due to a variety of reasons, and therefore can cause nearly any type of pain throughout the entire body. Some of the more common causes of this reflexive dysfunction include, trauma, surgery, postural strain, repetitive motion and even in response to an inflammatory diet.

FCS alleviates these chronic, reflexive muscle contractions from the body via a gentle, reflexive process that is initiated through precise positioning and shortening of the tissue in spasm.  Patients frequently describe the therapeutic sensation of release in their body as “fascinating” and “amazing”. The actual treatments are completely painless making it a viable option for even the most painful or difficult cases.

Many patients report lasting relief of chronic conditions after only one or two treatment sessions.* FCS embraces holistic and osteopathic principles in that it addresses the body as a whole not just the surface musculoskeletal presentation. By correcting muscular tension, vascular drainage, blood flow, and nerve input, FCS maximizes the body’s intrinsic ability to heal. This treatment model will allow you to identify and correct the true source of your patient’s pain and disability not just the surface symptoms.

For a more detailed explanation of Fascial Counterstrain please click here.

*Not all conditions respond the same way to treatment. 1-2 treatments, though effective in some cases, is not representative of all responses to FCS treatment.

Who Created 3d Counterstrain?

3D Counterstrain was jointly created by Brian Tuckey, PT, OCS, JSCCI and Tim Hodges, LMT, JSCCI in concert with the incredible programming prowess of a Portland, OR software group known as Re-Mondes, Inc.