Instructor Training Program Students

Portland, OR

“Counterstrain is going to be a game-changer. If you want to be able to provide healing care to a hurting world, learning Counterstrain will be revolutionary for you.” Ike Anunciado, MSPT, JSCC Counterstrain Academy Student and Counterstrain Practitioner


Holly Christy, ND, LAC

Bainbridge Island, WA

Since I finished medical school in 2000, I had not wanted to endeavor on another course of learning until I learned about Fascial Counterstrain and the lymphatic system from Tim Hodges. It was fascinating to me that many of the tender points coincided with acupuncture points, and that like acupuncture, the treatment facilitated an immediate change…


James Bowman LMP, INT, CPT

Bainbridge Island, WA

When I heard that Tim Hodges was moving to Portland I was saddened for Bainbridge Island. Tim is a well known and beloved healer in Washington state. I have known Tim as a teacher, a co-worker, a friend and mentor. I have seen him change lives countless times with his effective, specific, and precisely executed…

Mary Beth Herrity

Annandale, VA

“If I had known more about what this class was all about, [I would have taken it sooner.] but, I had no idea of the profound difference. This is not a redo class, this is not just coming and getting a little better about your scans. This is really taking what Brian Tuckey has come up with ..and making the next level jump to -“How do I treat those complex patients we see day to day.”


Scott Dreben, MPT, OCS

West Hills, CA

Hey guys! My name is Scott Dreben. I’m a physical therapist and owner of Touch of Life Physical Therapy. As you can see by my hair, I just got out of a class and that’s why I’m making this little video (shown below). I’ve been a physical therapist for 17 years and I’ve been using…

Andrea C. Mohrle, MSPT, JSCC

Olympia, WA

I have been using the Strain-Counterstrain technique since 2001, was certified in the technique in 2004, and had been keeping  up with my skills through using S/CS almost exclusively when performing manual therapy in the clinic, table training or assisting with Jones’ classes when needed, and taking each of the new fascial courses as soon…

Brian Tuckey, PT, OCS, JSCCI

Frederick, MD

My goal has always been to produce as many expert Counterstrainers as possible.  This can certainly occur through the Jones Institute three-day seminar format, however, many therapists need or simply desire a smaller student to teacher ratio to accomplish this goal. If you’ve ever wished you had a mentor, or even colleagues to help you…

Edward K. Goering, DO, DVM, MSHPE

Portland, OR

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Mr. Tim Hodges. I have known Tim for several years and believe him to be a valuable asset in the world of manual medicine. As an instructor with the Jones Institute for Strain & Counterstrain, I met Tim as an aspiring student in 2002. I have…

Holly Milligan, DPT

Great Bend, KS

After taking a couple introductory courses, I knew Counterstrain was the path I wanted to pursue.  It changed how I viewed the body, and therefore, changed how I began to assess and evaluate my patients. Unfortunately, understanding the concept, and having the ability to implement the treatment are two separate things. At the end of…

Kristi Dutcher, PT, OCS, COMPT

Seattle, WA

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Tim Hodges for 17 years. During the years of our acquaintance, I have known him in several roles: colleague, massage therapist and instructor. I first met Tim when he was a Rehabilitation Aide at the hospital where I worked. He and I worked closely together for several…

Loretta Orsborn, LMT

Salem, OR

I am so excited….after class yesterday I worked on an older woman that was in a severe diving accident as a young teenager, she has had severe effects from the accident which have exhibited over her entire body.  She had a bad flair up last week, so tried to do a cranial scan and her…

Steve Reich, PT

Bremerton, WA

Hey Tim! Knowing you and participating in the Counterstrain Academy Mastery Program has taken my therapy skills and clinical application of Fascial Counterstrain to the next quantum level. Not a day goes by that I don’t reference you somehow in the clinic. You have touched so many more lives by training us therapists than you…