CSA Module 3: Lymphatic/Venous

Course Overview

  • 40 Hours CE Units
  • NCBTMB Board Certified
  • Prerequisite: FCS LV
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In Module 3, students will learn to master the assessment and treatment of the Lymphatic/Venous System. Once again, proficiency with the entire cranial scan will be emphasized in addition to the mastering of treatment techniques specifically for the veins and lymphatic vessels of the body. Relevance to clinical applications is highlighted, and updates of both the cranial scan and treatment techniques are incorporated into the course.

As in Module 2, which addresses the Visceral System, the labs in Module 3 are broken down into smaller pieces than the 3-day FCS Introductory Courses. This, in addition to the expansion of the program to 40 hours and much smaller class sizes, provides a superior learning environment. Instructors are able to spend time mentoring each student, ensuring an appropriate level of competence with the technique in its entirety. This includes the treatment of subsystems (epidural veins, respiratory sinuses, visceral lymphatics, etc.) head/neck, trunk and extremities.

Emphasis on precision with palpation of landmarks, tenderpoints and the cranial scan continues to be a priority throughout the program, enabling students to constantly improve their skills of Counterstrain assessment and treatment. This inevitably translates to superior performance in the clinical application of Counterstrain, as students of the Academy not only learn to speak the language of the body, but attain unparalleled fluency.

All levels of Counterstrain practitioners are welcome, but you must have completed CSA Module 1 Intro in addition to the 3-Day Introductory Course for the Lymphatic/Venous System.