FCS: Neural Lower

Course Overview

  • Advanced concepts of anatomy and physiology related to the Nervous System
  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the epineurium (neural Fascia) and its nociceptive and mechanoreceptive properties
  • Advanced Cranial Scan techniques related to the NS
  • Gain proficiency in over 75 newly developed FCS techniques to correct neureal-fascial dysfunction

Contact Hours: 20

Find Training for FCS N2

Counterstrain Neuro IIĀ is the continuation of the neuro-fascial treatment concept from SCS N1 with the focus now placed on the structures below the diaphragm. Treatment examples include: the Filum Terminale, sacral parasympathetics (S2-S4,) pudendal nerve, anococcygeal nerve, Femoral nerve, Sciatic nerve branches, S1-S4 nerve roots, the Celiac ganglia, Inferior mesentric ganglia and Saphenous nerve branches. Additional dural treatments will be taught including the Nuchal Ligament release, Sphenobasilar flexion and Sphenobasilar extension techniques. This class is a must for anyone who wants to have consistent success with pelvic floor dysfunction, lower extremity neuralgias, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and a myriad of other conditions including whole body inflammatory/auto immune disorders.