Counterstrain Convention 2021 Reflections


“I loved the fact that is was a Zoom meeting! I felt like I was on stage with him and could see every motion and move and watch his hands closely!”
~Louise Seger, LMT

“To be able to deliver this volume of information, this detailed information, over digital media is an absolute miracle and I feel blessed to be one of the participants in this first virtual convention. My basement doesn’t have the view that Bend, OR has, but to be able to get this training and updated course material was amazing!”
~Craig Snyder, PT, ATC

“I feel this will lead to another huge jump in my proficiency. I certainly did not realize how important it is to assess the body and the cranial scan together.”
~Scott Moreland, DPT

“Segmental Motion Testing has been nothing short of transformative… [in] helping my patients connect their areas of pain with the broader concept of the cranial scan, and zeroing in on the most significant restrictions more quickly!”
~ Jake Gomoke, PT, JSCC

“Absolutely great info, especially in advancing the assessment/evaluation process.”
~Jamie Sledd, PT

“[Segmental] motion testing is absolutely necessary to find segmental dysfunctions. I am so happy to learn this modern version of osteopathic basic concept.”
~Mari Hayama, CMT

“Understanding how scar tissue can impact how we scan or treat has been extremely informative.”
~ Ada Boje, LMT

“I am totally impressed with the scope of [this]… and how well it was accomplished. Disseminating this information to a mass crowd–especially a passionate crowd–was done in such an organized manner, and in a way to best understand the information. This was amazing!”
~Amy Rinder, OTR/L, CHT

“I felt it was well organized and for me the best experience I could have because the platform itself allowed for great discussions. The breakout rooms were the key to getting the most out of the material and practical knowledge from the TAs and the other participants.”
~Melynda McIntosh, DC