Gentle, powerful and lasting relief from pain. Counterstrain changes lives, not just symptoms.

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“I have had just about everyone you can imagine work on me and I don’t think I have seen anyone who has the precision and capability that you do to create change and really, systemically understand how the body relates on all levels. I am beyond passionate about you and Counterstrain.”
-Tony Robbins, Namale Resort, Fiji

“In 2007 I injured my back and was unable to perform normal daily activities. After MRI’s, scans, chiropractic, massage, ice, heat, inversion, acupuncture, deep tissue, and physical therapists finished with my wallet I ended up on your front doorstep and in pretty poor spirits.

After one treatment I experienced positive results.  Months later you diagnosed me with a leg length discrepancy. With further Counterstrain treatments I was able to return to a full life.”

-JT Knowlton, Bainbridge Island, WA

“Thank you for the message – I’m doing great!  I can’t believe what a difference Counterstrain treatment makes to the body. I didn’t even know I had the problems I had!  My treatment was for the lymphatic system. I’ve told several people about your work and Counterstrain.

I appreciate you following up and will certainly go on to tell people about you guys…I had a wonderful experience and thank you for giving all that you did with so many late nights.”
-Polly Mertens, Life Mastery, Fiji